Gaudete et exultate

Information on public transport in Florence, below we expose some solutions with relative costs to be able to move in the city or arrive in the city center by means of a very comfortable and newly built vehicle in Florence: the Tramway.

It ‘a very effective and economical way to reach the center of Florence, both for those who arrive in Florence with your bus or car or airplane, or need to get around town.

For those arriving in Florence by their own means it is possible to reach dedicated parking areas near the tram stops (interchange area).

These parking areas allow you, for free, a break of 30 minutes for the bus to pick up or drop people in peace.

From these parking areas, using the tramway, you can reach the center of Florence (stop Alemanni train station) in a few minutes. Every 10 minutes there is a tram leaving from the various stations.

The cost of a tram ticket is € 1.50 per person and is valid for 90 minutes from the time of validation for all public transport.

The single ticket, which, as mentioned, lasts an hour and a half, costs € 1.50. There is also an electronic card for 10 tickets at 14 euros. At the moment there are no other booklets or day tickets

The tramway lines are two: T1 and T2

The tram line T1 Leonardo connects the parking of Villa Costanza at Scandicci (suburb of the city) with the city centre and the Hospital of Careggi, in the north of Florence, passing in front of the central station Firenze SMN and the city centre.

A second tram line T2 Vespucci connects SMN Central station to the Airport of Florence Vespucci.

On buses and trams it’s better to travel by purchasing tickets in advance (before getting on the bus or tram) from authorized sales points (bars, tobacconists and newsagents), from the ATAF hall which is inside the SMN train station or from the automatic machines which are at every tram stop.


The parking lot of Villa Costanza (Scandicci), the Florence tramway within easy reach of the highway

Let’s start from line 1. The parking lot of Villa Costanza in Scandicci, with access from the A1 highway, is the most used one.

The car park is located a short walk from the terminus of the Villa Costanza T1 “Leonardo” and allows you to leave your car parked without leaving the A1, then take the Highway of the Sun in the same direction or opposite.  This is the first car park of its kind in Italy that brings direct motorway connection and trams.

How to get? From the A1 just take the exit “Villa Costanza” located six kilometers after the exit of Florence Impruneta if arriving from Rome or, in the other direction, 7 km after the exit of Florence Scandicci. Once at the junction you will find a toll-house and you can park your car or camper for a fee. After parking the car, 5 minutes walk and you arrive at the terminus of Line 1 of the tramway: in 22 minutes you arrive at the center, 40 Careggi hospital.

Parking exchanger Coop di Ponte a Greve

Always for the tramway line 1 of Florence it is possible to leave the car for free in the exchanger parking lot in front of the Ponte a Greve Coop, on viale Nenni, a short distance from the T1 “Nenni – Torregali” stop.

There is a large rest area on the side of the Unicoop Florence shopping center and also other white and free parking spaces on the other side of the avenue, on the Ospedale road, the one that leads to Torregalli.

The best parking for the tramway Florence

Get out of the car, get on the tram. What are the most convenient parking to leave the car and take the tram?

For the T1 Leonardo line there is the parking lot of Villa Costanza, right at the tramway terminus and directly connected to the A1 motorway. Alternatively, you can use the free parking in front of the Ponte Coop in Greve, a few steps from the “Nenni – Torregali” of T1


Where exactly is the parking Guidoni, near the tramway?

The parking lot, unguarded and open daily, 24 hours a 24, is made in the area of the checkpoint north for tourist buses. Arriving from the A11 or from the Ponte all’Indiano continue along via di Peretola and viale degli Astronauti, then turn left into viale XI agosto, to go towards the airport, and always to the left is the access lane to the new rest area.

Those coming from the city center, go along Viale Guidoni and after the railway overpass turn towards the airport, in Viale XI Agosto, finding the entrance to the stand on the left. Those coming from Sesto Fiorentino, walk along viale Luder towards the A11, but at the traffic lights of the airport turn left, so as to “go back” on Viale degli Astronauti, continue towards the airport turning left into Viale XI Agosto.

Line T2, parking for the tramway in Florence Airport On line 2, the one that goes from Piazza dell’Unità (a stone’s throw from the Santa Maria Novella station) to the Florence airport, is the Viale Guidoni parking lot. E ‘was created just off the A11 and the airport, a few steps from the underground stop T2 “Guidoni,” that is the last (or first depending on which direction you look) after the terminus of Peretola.

Once reached the stations of the tramway T1 or T2 Alemanni station, you can walk to all areas affected by the congress activities. In fact the whole congress takes place in the center and the center of Florence is not very large.

We are working, however, to get the city of Florence, a pass that halve or cancel entirely the fee for tourist buses, to ensure that all the choirs will reach your hotel directly with their own bus.

We are waiting for news from the municipal administration of Florence, the request has already been submitted for some time.

Below we point out some important and very useful links for your stay in Florence during the congress; they are websites of the Florence tourist promotion agency, also translated into English.