Congress 2021 what to do

Gaudete et exultate

We have already moved the reservations of the regularly booked choirs (those in good standing with the payment of the deposit) to 2021, and precisely from 14th to 18th July, confirming the same participation fees. We therefore confirm that there will be no adjustments, except for any increases due to any unpredictable taxes.

Please note that:
1.All sums paid for hospitality will be charged as a deposit on the total amount to be paid to take part to the Congress in 2021.
2.All payments expected to expire in 2020 will be re-modulated as follows: 2nd installment of 30% on March 31, 2021; 3rd installment of 40% on May 29, 2021
3.To the registered Choirs, but not in compliance with the payment of the first installment due on January 30th, 2020, the availability of hospitality and dedicated rates are not guaranteed, unless they settle for the first down payment by May 08, 2020
4.The regularly registered Choir has the right to partially or totally modify, within 90 days before the beginning of the Congress, its list of participants, without any penalty being charged.
5. The regularly registered Choir which is also in good standing with the payment, cannot transfer its advance payments, in total or in part, to other Choirs

However, some cases could occur:
1. If the Choir does not intend to take part to the 2020 Event and does not intend to confirm its participation to the 2021 Congress, it must communicate it by e-mail to segreteria@samovarmice.it no later than May 08, 2020 with the object: PARTICIPATION CONGRESS CANCELLATION. 

The cancellation is subject to penalties calculated according to the conditions reported on this web site on: Cancellation Policy