Congress Activities

Gaudete et exultate

The Florence Congress proposes 5 types of concerts to the participating choirs:

Charity Concerts

Concerts will be organized for choirs wishing to offer their musical performances in hospitals, disabled centers or retirement homes for the elderly

Open Air City Concerts

Some locations will be used for open-air stages included in the urban architecture of the city of Florence

Open Singing Concerts

The choirs that have specific expertise in the practice of open singing will have places specially set up to offer engaging musical experiences to the audience

Concerts in Churches

Four churches in the historic center of Florence will welcome choirs from all over the world. Different cultures and traditions will compete in choral performances, while moments of musical sharing will be the main peculiarity of the concerts.

The proximity of the concert venues will allow the choirs to be both performers and spectators alike in a mutual exchange of ideas while also offering opportunities for profitable social relations.

Gala Concerts

In the three most important Florentine Basilicas the most representative choirs of the Pueri Cantores from around the world will perform.

A high level of performance and music is the stylistic feature of the artistic proposal